Working From Home? Blue Light Reading Glasses Can Help!

Working From Home? Blue Light Reading Glasses Can Help!

Working from home has become the new normal for so many. Unsurprisingly, there’s been a spike in the purchase of blue light reading glasses, and it’s no surprise why. The more time we spend in front of our devices, the more strain is placed on our eyes – but blue light reading glasses are one of the best ways to protect yourself while still being able to get your job done.


The team from Look Optic is here to provide you with some more facts and insight on why they might be the ideal solution for you.


  • Blue Light Reading Glasses Aren’t a New Thin


You might have never heard of them before this past year, but blue light reading glasses have been around for quite a while. For decades they’ve been especially popular with office workers, gamers, and other people who spend most of their daily hours in front of a computer screen or that of another device.


  • Blue Light is Everywhere


One important thing to remember is that computer screens and other digital devices aren’t the only things that produce blue light; it’s actually everywhere. Before today’s digital age, most of the blue light we received came directly from the sun, or other sources like television sets. With more and more digital devices at our disposal, the level of blue light we’re exposed to has increased drastically, causing some to feel the strain that’s placed on their eyes more than ever.


  • Blue Light Glasses Can Help Improve Sleep


Do you struggle with insomnia or find yourself tossing and turning at night? If so, blue light reading glasses might be able to help you get a better night’s rest. Some studies have actually shown that the blue LED light that’s produced from electronic devices like laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets actually reduces the body’s production of melatonin, which helps you sleep soundly.


  • More Efficiency While Working


There’s nothing worse than losing focus while working due to a horrible headache or your eyes burning. Another reason why many prefer to use blue light reading glasses rather than traditional reading glasses, especially while working, is because it can give them a boost in productivity. Many say that with the reduced strain on their eyes, they find that they’re able to put in a full day’s work in front of the screen, taking fewer breaks during the eight-hour workday. Remember though, that even with blue light glasses, it’s always healthy to take breaks when you’re feeling burnt out.

Other Ways to Give Your Eyes a Break


In addition to investing in blue light reading glasses, there are some other things you can do to lessen the strain on your eyes while in front of the screen, such as:

  • Reduce screen glare by using a matte screen filter on your device. You can find one at a local shop or order one online that matches your device’s dimensions.
  • Adjust the way you’re sitting by making it so you’re gazing slightly downward at your computer screen and have your eyes, around 25 inches from it. Make sure you’re not slouching over to see your screen more clearly
  • Ensure you have good lighting in the room where you work and increase your screen contrast or brightness if necessary. Some devices even come with a built in “Night Shift” mode, changing your screen to appear a bit more yellow tinted in order to reduce your exposure to blue light.
  • If your eyes are feeling dry, use moistening eye drops. These artificial tears actually lubricate the surface of your eye, reducing friction between your eye and eyelid. You can find them at your local drug store or even order them online.

More Reasons to Invest in Blue Light Reading Glasses


1. School: We live in a technology-based world, and that includes the classroom. Just like the business sector, the education sector has come to rely on technology for everything from remote teaching, to interactive, cloud-based activities, testing, and more. Many of the world’s foremost primary, secondary, and university programs transitioned to offering online classes and students had to adapt to this environment. Again, blue light reading glasses can help students stay focused and less stressed while spending more time in front of the screen at home interacting with classmates, or writing papers.


2. Play: Let’s not forget about the fun many have while online or playing on their computers, smartphones, or tablets. If you like to relax at the end of the day by playing your favorite computer game or scrolling through the news on your phone, blue light reading glasses will ensure you get the most out of your leisure time while still being able to fall asleep that night. Whether you want to catch up with friends on social media, chat via Zoom with loved ones, or watch your favorite television series, blue light reading glasses will make it easier on you.


A Few More Things Before You Go...


Before letting you go to browse your blue light reading glasses options online, we first wanted to debunk a few myths about them, and also provide you with some buying tips. When shopping for blue light readers, always keep these things in mind.


  • Blue Light Blocking Apps Don’t Work: You might have heard a lot about blue-light-blocking apps. Unfortunately, despite what you might have heard, they’re not good enough to truly make a difference and reduce the strain on your eyes. The main reason why blue light blocking glasses work so well is that you’re adding a physical defense layer between the blue light and your eyes, rather than simply reducing the light as apps do.


  • Blue Light Can Be Truly Harmful: Although a lot of people say that blue light doesn’t bother them, it can wreak havoc behind the scenes. Blue light can cause strain and fatigue that could negatively affect other areas of your life, like sleep or This is because, according to studies, blue light triggers the production of cortisol and reduces the release of melatonin in your body. This combination can eventually lead to you tossing and turning all night instead of resting comfortably.


  • Wearing Blue Light Glasses isn’t Disruptive: Even those who’ve never worn glasses before will be able to easily find a pair of blue light reading glasses for them that will match their style. Your vision won’t be disrupted: there won’t be a long adjustment period to wearing them or anything of the sort. They’ll simply help your eyes relax and act as they should and after a moment or two of wearing them, you won’t even realize the difference.

What Should I Look for in a Blue Light Reading Glasses Provider?


When searching online for a pair of quality blue light readers, there are several characteristics that will show you the company you’re working with is reliable, the first being quality guarantees. At Look Optic, we want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, so we offer free shipping and returns, as well as a 90-day, risk-free trial period and one-year guarantee.


It’s also important to find a blue light reading glasses company that offers products made from the highest quality materials. In addition to the scratch-resistant lenses our blue light readers offer, they’re also made with lightweight and extremely durable frames, as well as Italian spring hinges that don’t come loose with everyday wear.


Before buying, be sure to take a closer look at our testimonials, which show how happy our past customers are, as well as the variety of styles we carry online.


Discover the benefits of blue light readers today


There’s a reason why our reading glasses and blue light readers are so popular: they’re stylish and modern without sacrificing functionality and durability. Our glasses look great and are built to last, and we have plenty of styles to choose from. We also carry reading sunglasses and readers for kids.


To learn more about the Look Optic inventory, email or call 1 (877) 857-LOOK today.

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