Need help with anything?

We know that is can be frustrating when something goes wrong. Our goal is to make you LOOK and feel your absolute best. If you have any questions, or need help you can email us at hello@lookoptic.com, give us a call at 877-857-LOOK or use our live chat. If we aren’t online when you are, we promise to get right back to you.

Why should I choose LOOK?

50% of adults will need vision correction by their mid-30’s and 70% by their mid-50’s. Just because your eyesight is changing, doesn’t mean you have to. LOOK readers are ultra-lightweight (so they never leave a mark), use the finest Italian spring-hinges to ensure the comfort, and have prescription quality lenses so you can see the world like never before.

Why didn’t my optometrist recommend over the counter readers?

OptometristS have little incentive to tell you about over the counter readers because many optometrists make their money selling frames and lenses, not their services. Before you get mad at your optometrist, to be fair, there are few options for readers that are of sufficiently high quality and design to warrant a recommendation from anyone, much less your optometrist.

Will readers negatively affect my vision?

There is no evidence that reading glasses will hurt your eyes or accelerate vision problems. Your lifestyle will suffer, however, if you can’t comfortably read a menu in a restaurant or a work email on a tablet or mobile device. Regardless, we do recommend that you see your ophthalmologist regularly to make sure readers are right for you and to obtain the correct prescription.

What’s your data privacy policy?

LOOK OPTIC respects your privacy. We will never give the information you share with us to anyone else. We know you must hate getting calls from marketers because some company sold your information. We sure do. For more information on our privacy policy, click here.

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

How long does it take to get my order?

As soon as your order is placed, we start the shipping process. Most orders within the continental U.S. will arrive within 3-5-days. Orders outside of the continental U.S. will take a few extra days to arrive.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes, we offer 2-day shipping for $18 and overnight shipping for $30.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes we do! Please email us at hello@lookoptic.com for international shipping rates.

What’s your return policy?

In the unlikely event that you that you do not LOOK great in your readers, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return them, no questions asked and free of charge. We will pay for the shipping so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

To start and exchange or return, email us at hello@lookoptic.com or give us a call at 877-857-LOOK so we can help you.

Repairs and Warranties

What if my LOOK glasses break?

If a screw becomes lose, which rarely happens, we hope that you can easily take care of that at home. If within one year of purchase, however, your LOOK OPTIC frames or lenses break as result of normal use, just send them back and we will either replace or repair them at no charge. A few examples of things that aren’t normal use include scratched lenses from throwing them in your purse or pocket, accidentally driving over them, stepping or sitting on them, or your dog eating your glasses. But if a hinge breaks within a year of purchase as a result of opening and closing the readers, we will be happy to issue a replacement.

Fitting and Care

What should I do if my LOOK OPTIC glasses do not fit properly?

Every pair of LOOK OPTIC frames come with Italian spring hinges and a wire core in the temples that should allow you to adjust the frames to suit your needs. However, you can always stop by an optical shop where a qualified optician can adjust them for you as well. Most optical stores will do the adjustments for a small fee or for free if you ask nicely.

How do I care for my glasses?

Like any pair of glasses keep them in their case when not being used, and try not to clean them with your shirt or other clothing that has been washed in chemicals or is abrasive. Use the LOOK case which comes with an attached microfiber cleaner so you won't lose it. We took special care to attach the microfiber because we couldn’t stop losing ours!

Prescriptions / Lenses

How do I know what lenses to choose?

If you are having trouble reading the fine print, we suggest you first visit your optometrist to ensure readers are right for you. When you’re ready to get your new LOOK glasses, we offer four different lens strengths to choose from.

Can I put my prescription in the frames?

Yes! Any qualified optician should be able to replace the lenses because all of our frames are optical quality, and manufactured by the same factory that makes many of the world’s top brands at a fraction of the cost of designer lenses. While we haven’t run into any problem’s yet, please let us know if you run into an issues.

What does the ‘for prescription’ option mean?

This option indicates that you are taking the frame to your optician to have lenses changed, which allows us to send you any magnification. Your optician will then remove the reader lenses and replace them with your prescription.

My local eyeglass store says they can’t put in prescription lenses?

Remember, that because local optometrists make most of their money selling frames and lenses, they may not be inclined to put new lenses into your LOOK OPTIC frames. In fact, major chains will rarely replace the lenses, so your best bet is a local, independently owned, optical shop.

Can you replace the lenses in my current LOOK OPTIC frames?

Unfortunately, we do not do lens-only replacements. That being said, if you cannot find an optician to help you, don’t rule us out. Send us a note at help@lookoptic.com and we will see what we can do. No promises.

The Product

Can I buy LOOK OPTIC in stores?

Yes! We are adding new retail partners all the time. Send us an email to hello@lookoptic.com with your zip code and we’ll let you know if there is a retail store in your area. If you’re a store owner that wants to carry LOOK, let us know. We’d love to meet you.

Do LOOK OPTIC readers come with a case?

Yes! You will receive a complimentary felt case with each frame you purchase. If you lose your case, just let us know and we will send you a new one for the cost of the shipping. Both the case that comes with your initial purchase and any replacement case you order will come with a microfiber cloth for safely cleaning your lenses. The microfiber is attached to the case so you won’t lose it and will always have handy a safe way to clean your lenses.

Who designs LOOK frames?

The individual who designed our original collection worked for Oliver Peoples earlier in his career, which explains the classic, timeless, styles. The overall collection and colors were curated by a close friend of LOOK who was recently admitted into the CFDA as one of the top new designers.

Our manufacturer is one of the best in the industry, making frames for many of the leading designer eyewear brands in the world. LOOK glasses are the only reader they make and before they would agree to do business with us, we had to agree to adhere to that same level of quality as all of their other high-end brands. As a result, our lenses and hinges are sourced from around the world, and the custom finish is one of a kind when it comes to readers.