Why Order More Than One Pair of Reading Glasses?

Why Order More Than One Pair of Reading Glasses?

Two pairs of reading glasses are better than one—and more than two is even better. Why would you order more than one pair of reading glasses? The more you have, the more ready you’ll be for any situation that arises. If you’re on the fence about ordering more than one pair, the Look Optic team recommends reading the following reasons to own multiple readers.

4 reasons to order multiple pairs of reading glasses

1. Lost or broken 

When a pair of reading glasses goes missing, you should have another pair ready to wear. After all, you need your glasses to read, so whether you need them for work, school, or driving, you should be prepared if a pair is lost. The same goes for broken readers—imagine sitting on your glasses and them breaking, then simply pulling another case from your bag with your replacement, ready to go.

2. Maintenance

Wearing the same pair of reading glasses day in and day out leads to lots of wear and tear. This is particularly true if you wear your readers to the gym or outdoors, where your rims and lenses come into contact with dirt and grime. But this is also true no matter what your lifestyle is like, as natural oils and sweat can lead to build-up on your readers, potentially compromising your ability to see. Having different pairs of glasses to change out during the day will make them all last longer and stay cleaner—which protects your investment and also guarantees that you won’t be lost without them.

3. Environment

Where do you plan on wearing your reading glasses? If you need readers, you should consider all possible contexts—from the classroom and the office to the gym and the beach—and for each of these contexts, you should have a separate pair of readers. This is true not only for stylistic reasons, as you may want to have a more formal pair for work and a more casual pair for home, but also for special features. At Look Optic, our reading glasses are available with either blue-light blocking lenses or shades with UV protection, both protecting your eyes from harmful light from your devices and the sun.

4. Use

Last but not least, having an extra pair of reading glasses around is a great idea if you plan to use them at home and on the go. As mentioned above, blue-light blocking glasses can be used to protect your eyes from harmful light emitted by electronic devices like computers, televisions, tablets, and phones. Also, sunglasses can offer protection against dangerous UV rays from the sun. This means that having at least three pairs—one for normal circumstances, one for the sun, and one for your devices—would be ideal.

Order reading glasses today

Look Optic offers a wide variety of reading glasses to meet your vision needs. Check out our website today to see what we offer—from blue-light readers and sunglasses to simple readers, all available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

You can contact us online by calling 1 (877) 857-LOOK or emailing hello@lookoptic.com.


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