Why Everyone Should Be Wearing Blue Light Reading Glasses

Why Everyone Should Be Wearing Blue Light Reading Glasses

Do you find yourself feeling like your eyes are fatigued, or getting frequent headaches, as you go about your day? The problem might be linked to blue light. We spend so much time looking at electronic devices, and the screens pump out high-energy blue light. For a lot of people, that light can actually cause eye problems.


Fortunately, there's an easy - and stylish! - solution: blue light reading glasses. These glasses are created to filter out the high-energy blue light which fatigues your eyes, allowing you to go about your day without stress or headaches from blue light. Wearing them can even bring more benefits.


These are just a few ways blue light reading glasses can improve your daily life.

Sleep more easily at night

Too much bright blue light prevents your brain from releasing the hormone melatonin naturally, which is one of the main chemicals that helps you sleep. That's why it can be so hard to fall asleep after looking at screens all day.


Filter it out with blue light reading glasses, and sleeping becomes easier!

Reduce eye strain

Taking in too much high-energy light causes your eyes to work too hard, leading to eye-strain headaches. Filtering out the blue light prevents this.  Also, blue light glasses reduce the contrast on your screen, which can similarly help reduce eye strain.


In turn, this also means fewer eye strain headaches - and maybe fewer headaches in general. Wearing protective readers can do a lot to protect your eyes and brain from pain!

Reduce your risk of eye disorders

Over time, if your eyes continue to be strained by too much high-energy light, it could lead to bigger issues. Research has linked blue light to macular degeneration, one of the main causes of reduced eyesight and blindness among elderly people.


Wearing blue light filtering glasses can help protect your eyesight in the long run. Who knew?

Use your devices without worry

For some people, electronic devices are a fun distraction – but for many, they're a fact of life. Many of us have jobs that involve looking at computer screens all day, and that simply can't be avoided. Blue light reading glasses give you a way to live your life without worrying about the effect that electronic screens might have on your vision.



LOOK OPTIC offers blue light reading glasses that are effective and highly stylish. With advanced features like Italian spring hinges and wire-core temples, they're one of the world’s most comfortable and lightweight reading glasses. Click here to shop and find your own look!


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