Do I Need to Buy Blue Light Glasses?

Do I Need to Buy Blue Light Glasses?

Lately, it feels like we’re always in front of one screen or another. With all of the technology available at our fingertips, many people are spending a lot more time than usual in front of a screen. Whether it be via a phone, tablet, or even a work computer, reading on a screen can take up large portions of our days. The blue light from these types of screens can be particularly hard on your vision, especially those with more sensitive eyes.

Look Optic is the perfect place to buy blue light glasses online. If we still don’t have you fully convinced, we’ve laid out some important insights for you here.

Minimize Screen Glare

One of the most important things blue light reading glasses do is to minimize screen glare, making reading easier on your eyes. Digital screens emit blue light that can be tougher on us; this type of light is harder for our eyes to filter than normal light. With a pair of blue light reading glasses, you’ll be able to read easier and avoid any damage to your eyes.

Choosing the Best Blue Right Readers for You

Unlike selecting traditional reading glasses, choosing blue light glasses is a little different. You’ll need to consider where you are in relation to the screen you’re viewing. Most people position their screens in a zone approximately two feet in front of them, meaning that the magnification for blue light reading glasses will likely be half of your standard magnification because of the distance between the screen and your eyes.

Avoid Bad Posture

How could a pair of glasses possibly improve your posture? That aggravating back and shoulder pain you get after sitting at your desk for too long may have an easier solution than you think. Blue light reading glasses make it easier to see, eliminating the all-too-common habit of leaning forward to read what’s on your screen. This terrible habit can easily lead to back and neck problems that can be aggravating and also eventually cause long term damage if untreated. Before you book an appointment at the chiropractor, you might want to try a pair of readers first.

Buy Bluelight Glasses

Contact Look Optic to buy blue light glasses today!

Are you tired of having to squint or battle with screen glare? Look Optic can help with our stylish blue readers, so email us today at or call 1 (877) 857-LOOK to learn more about our collections. All of our reading glasses feature lightweight and extremely durable frame materials (TR90), Italian spring hinges that don’t get loose, as well as a wire core temple that allows you to adjust your glasses at the temple (without heating). If you need any help, just give us a call... we’re here to guide you through the process of buying blue light glasses online.

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