Your Guide to Buying Blue Light Reading Glasses

Your Guide to Buying Blue Light Reading Glasses

Blue light reading glasses are one of the most effective ways to protect your eyes from harmful amounts of artificial light emitted from your electronic devices. When you spend time on your computer, smartphone, and tablet, you’re exposing the inside of your eyes to excessive blue light, potentially causing eye strain, vision problems, headaches, and even long-term eye damage. This is also true when you watch television and go to the movies—any time you spend engaging with content on a screen without blue light protection, you’re putting your eyesight at risk —which is why people are choosing to wear blue light reading glasses when spending time in front of a screen.


So, how do you find the best blue light reading glasses on the internet? Our team at Look Optic suggests researching the science behind blue light reading glasses and then seeking out an online purveyor of readers that provide their customers with the highest quality products available. Only then can you rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your glasses, thus protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and ensuring you’re living your best life, regardless of the amount of time you’re behind screens.

3 things to consider when buying blue light reading glasses

    1. Lifestyle


      Before beginning your search, spend some time reflecting on your individual lifestyle. How much time do you spend behind a screen? Do you use electronic devices for work, school, communication, entertainment, or a combination of all four? When do you usually use your electronic devices: during the day, evening, or late at night? Once you have answered all of these questions, you will be able to determine whether you need blue light reading glasses, and also what type of lens best suits your needs.0

        2. Functionality


          As you start searching for blue light reading glasses, you should consider your needs. Whether or not you already wear glasses, you will need to choose your blue light readers based on your individual magnification requirements. Look Optic provides you with options ranging from +0.0 magnification to +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, and +2.5 magnification. If you plan on using your blue light reading glasses on the go, scratch-resistance will be important for you. Also, make sure your readers come with a protective case and a microfiber cloth so you can safely clean them whenever you need.

            3. Color


              You will notice that purveyors of blue light reading glasses will offer lenses in a wide range of colors—from clear or yellow to orange and red. While there are advantages to alternative shades (depending on when you use your electronic devices), clear lenses are a great option because they offer all the benefits of blue light blocking technology without requiring you to change your look. When purchasing a pair from Look Optic, your blue light reading glasses can match perfectly with your standard readers or your prescription sunglasses.

              3 benefits of blue light reading glasses

                1. Reduce eye strain


                  When you wear blue light reading glasses, you’re decreasing the chances that you will experience eye strain. This is because blue light blocking lenses reduce the amount of harmful light that enters your eyes, thus allowing you to spend more time in front of a screen without straining your eyes.

                    2. Eliminate headaches


                      By reducing eye strain, you also increase chances of avoiding headaches and migraines, which allows you to work with a clearer head, then go on to enjoy the rest of your day without lingering pain or discomfort. Finding ways to reduce eye strain and headaches doesn’t only protect your physical health, but your mental, social, and emotional well-being, as well.

                        3. Improve performance


                          Less pain means more gain—and this is just as true with your eyesight as anything else. Regardless of the amount of time you have to spend with electronic devices, blue light reading glasses allow you to work more efficiently and comfortably, thus improving your overall well-being during and after work.

                          Here are 3 places your blue light readers may come in handy:

                            1. School


                              Education has come to rely on technology just as much as any other sector. As primary, secondary, and university degree programs transitioned online in the past year, students, teachers, and administrators all had to learn to adapt to the remote learning environment. Whether you need to study, grade papers, or conduct study groups, blue light reading glasses can help improve the overall experience for everyone involved. And when you eliminate the pains associated with online learning, that makes you more available to engage in activities afterward that contribute to other aspects of your life, such as your social circles and physical health.

                                2. Work


                                  Similar to education, more companies are relying on technology to conduct business. As everyday activities transition to an online, cloud-based environment, many employees and employers alike are spending more time on their computers, phones, and tablets. Blue light reading glasses can be an easy way to ensure everyone’s performance is up to par, without having to sacrifice our physical, mental, social, or emotional health. This is particularly important for people that work remotely—either partially or full-time—because they're spending the majority of their time on a device that emitted harmful rays that could potentially damage their health.

                                    3. Play


                                      When the school day or workweek is over, people are staying logged in to their devices to play. When you invest in a pair of blue light reading glasses, you can communicate with your friends on social media, catch up on emails, plan video chats with friends, play video games online, read ebooks, and watch your favorite shows or series—all while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light. As work and school have transitioned online, so has our free time, so it’s more important than ever to protect your eyes from potential danger.

                                      4 things to look for in blue light reading glasses

                                        1. Functionality


                                          Blue light reading glasses should come with the best blue light blocking technology available. Our readers come with RETINASHIELD PROTECTION that offers anti-reflective lenses, protecting your eyes from harmful amounts of blue light. This online purveyor of readers also provides their customers with the ssibility of adding prescription quality lenses that come at the magnification that matches your needs. After all, you need to be able to rest assured that your glasses work well, so that you can work, study, play, and communicate with your friends and family knowing that you won’t suffer from eye strain, headaches, or other vision-related problems during or after your time on devices.

                                            2. Appeal


                                              Your blue light reading glasses shouldn’t just be functional—they should be stylish as well. With Look Optic’s virtual mirror, you can “try on” any pair of glasses that they offer, just by using your device’s camera. This allows you to choose a pair that perfectly matches the shape of your face. With a wide range of frame styles, from their Casper, Sullivan, Abbey, Bond, Laurel, Liam, Cosmo, and Kids options, you can choose a pair based on your look. Regardless of whether you prefer a style that's hip and cool or professional and serious, you can create the right complementary look based on your style.

                                                3. Reliability


                                                  The quality of the materials in your blue light reading glasses is just as important as the overall functionality and appeal of the product. As you look through our catalog, pay careful attention to their features, such as a smooth matte finish, Italian spring hinges, scratch-resistant lenses, and their signature protective felt case with a microfiber cloth. All of these show how committed we are to high-quality products that last a lifetime, guaranteeing that when you make your purchase, you can rest assured that the readers will be there for you for as long as you need them.

                                                    4. Guarantees


                                                      Lastly, before ordering a pair of blue light reading glasses, make sure that the company you’re ordering from offers a variety of guarantees that protect you as a customer. Look Optic, for instance, provides customers with a series of promises: you will have a 90-day trial to try on your glasses in real life and make sure they work for you; you will also have a one-year guarantee that reassures you that your blue light reading glasses will continue to serve you without problems. Don't love the look? Send them back, no questions asked. The shipping is on us.


                                                      Try blue light reading glasses today


                                                      Now that you have a better understanding of blue light reading glasses, including how they work, how you know whether or not you need them, and what to look for in a blue light reading glasses company, “try on” your first pair by using our Look Optic virtual mirror today.


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