Even before I needed vision correction, I enjoyed wearing glasses as a fashion accessory.  I purchased my first pair – oval, tortoise shell Giorgio Armani frames that always looked crooked on my face – with non-corrective plain glass lenses.  Now that I actually need glasses, and more importantly, design them for others, I know more about selecting the perfect pair. 

There are numerous articles online about how to select the glasses that are right for you, but here are a few of our principles and tips for finding the perfect frame.  

1. SHAPE. While there are hundreds of glasses to choose from, there are only a few basic shapes.  The best shape is usually one that contrasts the shape of your face. So if you have a rounder shape you probably should try shapes that are more angular.  If you have more angular features you should consider round frames or at least ones with softer curves.

2. SIZE. The general rule when choosing the right size frame is to find one that is proportionate with your face. Now, this is not always the case with sunglasses as some women (like my wife) find large oversized frames very fashionable. Our Sullivan frame is a great option for achieving this look.

3. COLOR. Our take on color is generally very different from what others recommend. We think you should own multiple colors, the way you would own multiple pairs of shoes, ties or handbags.  Colors should compliment your features (eyes, hair, skin color), as well as compliment your outfit or mood. We call styling your look with eyewear “wardrobing,” and we will share more on it in future posts.