How To Choose The Best Reading Glasses For Your Needs

How To Choose The Best Reading Glasses For Your Needs

Despite how many stores offer reading glasses, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the best reading glasses for your needs. Too many places offer cheap lenses, cheap frames, or simply don't provide the features you need to comfortably wear your glasses without suffering from eye strain or headaches.

How can you sort out the best reading glasses options from all the rest?  Here LOOK OPTIC has collected some of the most important things to look for.



5 Must-Haves When Buying Reading Glasses

1 - The right magnification

Maybe this goes without saying, but we see a surprising number of people wearing reading glasses of the wrong strength.  If you're shopping online, you may want to start do a quick search for a diopter test.  It's simply a page of text, written in various sizes, which you hold at arm's length to help determine your eyesight.

That should give you an accurate guide to ordering the right magnification.

2 - Blue light filtering

Too much blue light is coming to be recognized as a legitimate eye health problem, particularly because of how much blue light tends to be emitted by the computer screens we stare at all day.  Excessive blue light can strain the eyes, as well as make it harder to sleep at night.  Reading glasses with a blue light filter can go a long way towards preventing this.

3 - Lens material

If you're buying cheaply made reading glasses at the pharmacy, you're most likely getting low-grade plastic. It breaks and scratches much more easily than it should.  It is certainly worth paying a little more to get better, high-quality lenses made of glass or a high-grade polycarbonate.  They'll last longer, and you won't have a bunch of scratches messing with your vision. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly because you don’t have to replace them often.

4 - Frame material

Cheap reading glasses come in cheap plastic frames, which break easily and can be extremely uncomfortable to wear for long periods.  The best reading glasses have better construction and integrate features such as Italian springs in the hinges so that they flex a little when being worn.  This prevents them from pinching your head.

5 - Lens size

Finally, don't get reading glasses which are too small.  They can make it difficult to see properly through the central part of the lens, where the magnification is most accurate.  Going a little bigger will make them more useful.


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