A Guide to Reading Glasses & Age

A Guide to Reading Glasses & Age

The older you get, the more likely you are to need reading glasses. That’s because your eyesight changes over time, and it’s your responsibility to determine when it’s appropriate to purchase a pair of readers. If you’re not quite sure where to start, Look Optic has a wide selection of reading glasses available on our online store, allowing you to “try on” whatever pair strikes your fancy based on your style and needs with our virtual mirror tool. What’s more, we offer a 90-day trial, a one-year guarantee, and free shipping & returns, providing you with plenty of time to receive your glasses and make sure they’re perfect for you and your lifestyle.

How will I know if I need reading glasses?

Under 40 Years Old


Being under the age of 40 doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t need reading glasses. To determine whether or not you need readers, pay close attention to your daily experience as it relates to your eyesight. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you squinting to read magazines, books, newspapers or text on your cell phone?
  2. Do words appear blurry when held close to your face, and more clear at an arm’s length?
  3. Do you experience any pain after spending a long time on your computer screen?
  4. Have you noticed you’re getting more headaches recently?
  5. Do you see fuzzy halos around bright lights or lit up screens?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to try buying a pair of reading glasses online. You might be surprised at how much a pair of readers can help with your discomfort. Remember, it’s always wise to consult with your eye doctor if you're experiencing serious issues with your eyesight that are affecting your daily life.


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40 Years & Above


As we begin to age, our eyesight can become less reliable. Known as presbyopia, this happens from naturally occurring changes in your focus power within the lens of your eye, which may make it more difficult to read. Even if you didn’t need reading glasses growing up, it’s possible that you may need them now.


Pay attention to how you’re feeling while driving, reading, watching movies or working on electronic devices. If you’re experiencing eye strain or discomfort, reading glasses might be able to help. Place them on and do some preliminary tests. Check your magnification by glancing at a piece of paper with writing on it or even your device’s screen. Then, take them off and note any differences. See how they feel on your face, ears and nose. They should feel light and comfortable, not bulky. Lastly, make sure you’re happy with the style and color. Your readers should complement your style and add an element of design to your outfit, not detract from it.


Even if you don’t notice any significant changes, it’s always a good idea to see an optometrist once a year for a check up. A professional eye exam with pupil dilation may help identify hidden problems or susceptibilities.


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With a wide variety of high-quality, stylish reading glasses available through our online store, Look Optic is your one-stop-shop for readers, inclusive of all styles and needs.

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