A Guide to Blue Light Reading Glasses

A Guide to Blue Light Reading Glasses

If you use an electronic device for extended periods of time, you should invest in a pair of blue light reading glasses. Unlike lenses in standard reading glasses, blue light lenses are coated in a material that minimizes glare and filters out blue light emitted from electronic screens. This ultimately reduces eye strain and decreases the chances of experiencing headaches caused by looking at cell phones, tablets, and computer screens. Whether your job requires you to work on a computer or you enjoy spending your free time on your cell phone or tablet, our eyesight specialists at Look Optic suggest developing a basic understanding of blue light reading glasses, so that you can select the right pair for you and then use them correctly.

Tips for Using Blue Light Reading Glasses

Choose Your Lens Strength 

For those of you who already wear glasses, the first step to determining your lens strength for a pair of blue light reading glasses is to speak with your optometrist. Whether you need magnification or not, you will also need to consider the distance between your eyes and your screens—the further away you are from your computer, for example, the less lens power that will be needed to reduce chances of eyestrain.

Update Your Office Set-Up

As you’re looking for blue light reading glasses, you should also look for ways to update your office space to reduce eyestrain. First, make sure your computer screen is mounted in a location where there is no glare from artificial light or windows. Glare can also be caused by your desk surface or other objects in the room, so be sure to assess the situation thoroughly. Regardless of what type of device you’re using, check brightness and contrast settings, switch to large, black, boldface font, and choose a white background.

Take Breaks Regularly

Lastly, you should schedule several breaks away from your devices to give your eyes a rest. Over the course of your workday, plan brief breaks at least every 20 minutes; in the evening and on weekends, keep an eye on your device usage as well, making sure to spend intentional time away from screens as much as possible.


Buy Bluelight Reading Glasses

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Regardless of whether or not you already wear reading glasses, you should consider perusing the selection of blue light reading glasses available through Look Optic today to protect your eyes from unnecessary straining while spending time on your electronic devices. We even have a fit guide, complete with a virtual mirror, to help you determine the perfect look for you. Contact our team and shop today.

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