The 13 Coolest Blue-Light Glasses You Can Buy Online Right Now

The 13 Coolest Blue-Light Glasses You Can Buy Online Right Now

Protective Eyewear, But Make it Fashion.

Allure recently features Liam Blue Light glasses in their list of coolest blue light frames!

Look Optic Blue Light Liam

If you spend all day, every day in front of a computer (and then a phone, and then an iPad, and then a TV), you've probably looked up from a screen at least once and wondered what the heck is going to happen to your vision. Phrases like "computer vision syndrome" and "digital eye strain" sound only too plausible when you spend most of your day staring at a screen. Thankfully, eyewear companies share our worries, and brands have started offering blue light-filtering lenses to help protect your eyes from those never-darkening screens.

Too much screen time can lead to headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, and sleep issues (we've all heard by now that you should not be using your laptop in bed, right?). But there's still more research needed to determine exactly how blue light affects eyes. For now, optometrists caution that blue light may cause damage to certain eye tissues, but stress that what you should really be worried about is too much time in the sun. In some ways, blue light is like caffeine — some people swear it's negatively impacting their health, others just consume it without worrying too much about the effects, and some can't live without it. But whatever your feelings on blue light, we can all agree that the filtering frames are super cute.

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