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    Blue-light protection for those who don't need prescription eyewear

    With the increased use of screens in our day to day, we are still learning about the harmful effects that blue-light has on our eyes.

    Here's What
    We Know

    Digital screens emit a specific type
    of blue-violet light, also known as
    a high-energy visible light (HEV).

    Blue-light is the visible light,
    which reaches deeper into the eye
    and may cause damage to the retina,
    while also suppressing melatonin.

    blue-light eye graphic

    Potential Effects of Blue Light

    Digital Eye Strain

    61% of adults experience fatigue, headaches, or blurred vision from the prolonged use of digital devices

    Reduced Sleep Cycles

    Blue-light suppresses the production of melatonin disrupting the sleep cycles of Millions of Americans

    Health & Vision Problems

    Researchers believe blue-light may cause retina damage, cataracts, obesity and other harmful diseases

    The Perfect Reader

    Image specs Image specs Image specs

    LOOK's Retinashield technology makes it possible to produce a
    clear lens that filters out blue-light

    I'm completely satisfied with the design, the quality of the frames AND the quality of the lenses. I can literally feel my eyes relaxing when I put them on.


    These are amazing! I have been able to work away on my computer without eye strain or headaches. I will have to say I look pretty good too.


    Ordering and delivery was fast and seamless. The glasses definitely help reduce strain on my eyes, and I'm loving the design.


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