Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses

Why Progressives?

Progressive Reader lenses, you guessed it, progress from no magnification at the top to your magnification at the bottom. Thus, allowing you to wear your glasses “all day” without taking them off to see far away or the person across from you. Also, unlike bifocals, there is no line, and they adjust to multiple distances.


How long will it take to adjust?

It could take up to a week. For most people, like with any prescription lenses, it takes your brain time to figure out which part of the lens to use, especially if you have never worn progressives before. You will find it frustrating and, at times, ready to give up, but hang tough, it’s worth the wait.


If you had one tip, what would it be?

Ensuring that your eyes are centered in the frame is the most important thing to making Progressives work. This will allow an area above the “sweet spot” for you to see far away and an area below to read. So, while we know it’s cool to wear your glasses low, this will not help your progress.


Tips to make the transition

 1.  Start off wearing them first thing in the morning.
 2.  The more you wear them, the easier it gets. 
 3.  Practice. Look across the room and then slowly down to a book.
 4.  Move your head and not just your eyes.
 5.  Look staring ahead when you walk (not down at your feet).

Can’t do it?

We understand; it took our founder multiple tries. In fact, this is why it took so long for us to offer progressives in the first place. So, don’t worry. Just put them back in the box you received them in and send them back. Remember you have 90 days to return them, no questions asked. But, do try to give them a week or so if you can…



Look Optic glasses are not safety glasses and should not be used as eye protection. These lenses are specifically designed for near-vision and reading use only, not for distance. Do not use while driving or operating a vehicle. Please consult an eye care professional for regular eye exams before using to understand how progressive lenses work.



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