Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day?

Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day?

If you’re like most people, you are spending more time with your digital devices than ever before. Researchers say the average adult will spend 1,700 hours per year looking at a phone or computer screen. 

Along with this increase in screen exposure, more and more people are suffering from something called computer vision syndrome. There are a number of concerning eye health symptoms, including:

  • Eyestrain
  • Sore eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision

If you have experienced any of these recently, it may be due to the amount of time you’re spending with your electronic devices. With this uptick in screen time, people are looking for ways to keep themselves healthy. 

Blue light glasses are one of those potential solutions. These glasses filter out harmful blue light and protect your eyes from the damaging effects of it. It’s a relatively simple solution to this problem, but it offers some significant benefits. 

Why Wear Blue Light Glasses?

To understand whether or not you can wear blue light glasses all day, it’s important to understand the purpose of them in general. Blue light glasses, sometimes called computer glasses, work by filtering out certain wavelengths of visible light

Light travels at various wavelengths, and these determine the color at which we perceive it. Most of the hazardous light is around 400-550nm. That is the range on the light spectrum that blue light glasses should be filtering out. 

Blue light exposure in that range can cause many negative side effects. If you go out in the middle of the day, you’ll see that the sun puts off this kind of light. It helps to give you energy, keep you awake, and motivate you throughout the day. In contrast, at the end of the day, you should notice that light tends to look more yellow or orange when the sun is setting. 

Most digital screens emit light in this range of blue wavelengths, and people are being exposed to them late at night more than ever before. If you’ve ever had a hard time falling asleep after browsing social media, that is likely why. 

Blue light filtering glasses help to protect your eyes from this light, especially when using a digital device. This can help you to prevent headaches and eye strain, and overall make your screen time less harmful to your health. 


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When Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

You can wear blue light glasses all day without any problems. Filtering out blue light, from screens or from the sun, has so far not been shown to have any negative side effects. 

However, the most important time to wear them is when you will be looking at a screen for more than a few hours. If you work in an office that requires you to work on a computer all day, wearing blue light glasses may make that work easier on your eyes. 

Throughout the day they will help you if you spend a lot of time working on a computer, but they are most important to wear in the evening. That is the time most people experience eye problems due to blue light. 

Keep in mind that televisions also emit the same harmful blue light. If you’re watching TV, especially late at night, that’s a great time to wear your blue light glasses.

For those who already wear prescription glasses, you can just have the blue light filter added in. You can wear them the same you did before. If you are just buying the glasses for the blue light filter, you don’t need to wear them all the time. Instead, just make sure you have them on anytime you’re looking at a digital screen. 

Is It Bad to Wear Blue Light Glasses All Day?

As we said before, researchers are not currently aware of any negative effects of wearing blue light glasses throughout the day. Depending on the specific pair, you may see the world in a more yellowed tone, but there aren’t any health risks associated with it. 

When outdoors, the glasses will only filter out part of the blue light that comes from the sun. And while using your device, it will protect your eyes from the most harmful wavelengths of light. 

If you want to only wear your blue light glasses when using a computer, smartphone, or other devices, that will be enough to help alleviate any negative symptoms. However, you can also wear them throughout the entire day without any issues. 

What to Look for When Buying Blue Light Glasses?

Not all blue light glasses are the same. Some are much better at filtering out blue light than others. When you’re looking to purchase a pair of them, make sure that you know what you’re getting. 

Most companies will tell you how much light they filter out. For example, Look Optic’s blue light glasses filter 53 percent of hazardous blue light. Make sure this number is at least above 30 percent in any glasses you purchase. 

Another important element to consider is whether the glasses are comfortable. Whether you’re just adding the filter to your everyday glasses or purchasing a pair specifically to wear when you use your computer, comfort is vital. 

You’re going to wear these glasses for long periods of time, and you want to be sure that you will enjoy wearing them. If they don’t fit you well, chafe your ears or nose, or are otherwise uncomfortable, you may end up not wearing them, defeating the purpose of having them. 


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Do I Need a Prescription for Blue Light Glasses?

Many people think that they need a prescription to get blue light glasses, but that is not the case. You can actually purchase blue light glasses without any sort of prescription.

You can typically add a blue filter onto prescription lenses, but you can also purchase glasses made specifically for blocking out blue light. For example, at Look Optic, we sell blue light reading glasses at all magnification levels, including 0.0.

Just because you don’t typically wear glasses does not mean you won’t benefit from the blue light filter. In fact, prolonged exposure to digital screens without any sort of protection may lead to vision problems down the road.

It is better to take preventative measures now instead of having to do damage control in the future. 

How to Limit the Negative Effects of Blue Light?

In addition to wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses, there are other steps you can take to protect yourself from the hazardous wavelengths of light.

The first and most important thing you can do is to give your eyes frequent breaks. Professionals recommend that every 20 minutes, you should look at something for 20 seconds that is at least 20 feet away from you. In addition, you should take a 15-minute break at least every two hours when using devices.

You can also use software that is built into many devices. All iPhones and Mac computers come with a built-in “night shift” mode. When turned on, this removes light below a certain wavelength threshold that you can customize.

If you don’t have any blue light glasses to filter it out, this can be a great alternative. Android and Windows devices have similar features, as well. You can also schedule these settings to come on either at sunset or at another specific time of day.

If your device doesn’t have any built-in solutions, you can use a third-party option like f.lux to help reduce the blue light emitted by your device. 

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Shop Blue Light Glasses at Look Optic

If you’re considering getting a pair of blue light glasses, check out the ones we offer. We have a wide range of comfortable, stylish readers that are made for you to wear all day.

They come in a variety of styles and colors, and you can choose your magnification level. In addition, if you don’t need reading glasses, we offer all of our frames with a 0.0 magnification so you can still get the benefits of the blue light filter.

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