Although reading glasses are no different than standard single vision prescription glasses made to correct farsightedness, they are often of inferior quality.  However, this need not be the case. This is why LOOK eyeglasses are manufactured by the same factory as some of the most well-known designer brands in the world, and that LOOK are the only reading glasses they produce.  Not to mention, LOOK readers only use highest quality components available, like Italian spring hinges and prescription quality lenses. However, as we are an independent company, and work outside the monopoly which controls the eyewear sector, we can offer our product at a very reasonable price and make them available for everyone who wants to see better and look great.


Everyone over 40 should visit an eye doctor annually, especially with presbyopia and other age-related eye diseases sneaking up on them, but a pair of reading glasses are essentially just magnifiers, so using them without consulting an optometrist, having an eye exam, and obtaining a prescription will not harm your eye health or have any impact on your vision long-term. 

Picking the right magnification means picking what feels right, relieves the eye strain when reading, and doesn’t cause headaches or other discomfort. Most start with a +1.0, but if you have been fighting that blurred vision and have resisted getting readers for quite sometime, you may require higher strength reading glasses.  Keep in mind, we offer a 30 day trial with free two-way shipping, so if the magnification isn’t right, send them back to try another pair.


We want to help people who are coming to terms with needing readers for their close-up vision – the people who are using candles, or the flashlight on their smartphones to read menus at arm's length in restaurants.  If that describes you, it’s time to stop blaming that there's no bright lighting or that the small font is just plain unreadable, and give yourself some much needed relief for your close vision problems. You are not alone.  Around age 43, all adult eyes start to change. Changing distance vision is a common condition we all face, and all of us who are fortunate to live long enough will eventually require readers, some form of vision correction (maybe contact lenses), or even comprehensive eye care.


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But there is no reason to sacrifice style.  Readers don’t need to make you look like your parents or grandparents, you're doing enough of that yourself squinting at the screen while you do computer work.  The days of readers hanging off the tip of your nose or from an ugly chain is over.  You wouldn’t buy clothes at the drug store (or at least, we hope not) so why would you buy the one, most important, accessory you own from there?  Readers will become an essential part of your daily routine, so make sure they are the most fashionable accessory you own.     

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