The very best blue-light-blocking glasses

The very best blue-light-blocking glasses

Best blue-light-blocking reading glasses

The Strategist mentions Sullivan Blue Light glasses in crimson!

Screen Sullivan in Crimson

Block 90 percent of blue light | No anti-glare coating | Clear lenses | Nonprescription with magnification from +0.0 to +3.0

If you’ve ever suffered from dry, irritated eyes after a long day of staring at your computer, perhaps you’ve been tempted to purchase a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. If so, you’re certainly not alone. According to a survey by the Vision Council, a group that represents eyeglasses manufacturers, almost 60 percent of Americans experience some symptoms of digital eye strain due to extended time in front of the screen. As a result, a cottage industry of blue-light-filtering glasses has emerged.

Blue-light-blocking glasses are designed to filter active blue light — the kind that promotes wakefulness — before it reaches our eyeballs. Though blue light isn’t the culprit for all digital eye strain, computer screens and our precious smartphones emit blue light that can shift your circadian rhythm, which is why it’s frequently recommended that you avoid too much screen time before sleeping. But if you can’t tear yourself away from Instagram or the dreaded doomscroll before you turn in for the night, blue-light-blocking glasses can help. To find the most effective and stylish options, we scoured the internet and spoke with eye doctors about what they recommend and when to wear them.



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