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Limited Edition

Sullivan KIDS

RetinaShield TM Blue-Light PROTECTION

$ 68.00

Our best-selling classic has been reimagined to help protect your child's eyesight. Frames just cool enough so your kids will want to wear them, even before their eyes start watering or the headaches set in.    



  • Smooth matte finish

  • Italian spring hinges

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Prescription Quality, Scratch Resistant, Lenses

  • Protective felt case with microfiber cloth

Measurements: 48-17-130

Core Collection

Limited Edition

Grey Camo
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Unsafe water is the leading cause of preventable blindness.
We're donating $10 of every Kids sale to charity: water. *

Charity Water

Blue-light protection for those who don't need prescription eyewear

With the increased use of screens in our day to day, we are still learning about the harmful effects that blue-light has on our eyes.

Here's What
We Know

Digital screens emit a specific type
of blue-violet light, also known as
a high-energy visible light (HEV).

Blue-light is the visible light,
which reaches deeper into the eye
and may cause damage to the retina,
while also suppressing melatonin.

blue-light eye graphic

Potential Effects of Blue Light

Digital Eye Strain

61% of adults experience fatigue, headaches, or blurred vision from the prolonged use of digital devices

Reduced Sleep Cycles

Blue-light suppresses the production of melatonin disrupting the sleep cycles of Millions of Americans

Health & Vision Problems

Researchers believe blue-light may cause retina damage, cataracts, obesity and other harmful diseases

The Perfect Reader

Image specs Image specs Image specs

LOOK's Retinashield technology makes it possible to produce a
clear lens that filters out blue-light

I'm completely satisfied with the design, the quality of the frames AND the quality of the lenses. I can literally feel my eyes relaxing when I put them on.


These are amazing! I have been able to work away on my computer without eye strain or headaches. I will have to say I look pretty good too.


Ordering and delivery was fast and seamless. The glasses definitely help reduce strain on my eyes, and I'm loving the design.


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  • Sullivan Kids screen