Because we were not eyewear experts when starting LOOK (needles to say we are now), we hired a few to help us along. First, we collaborated with a former designer from Oliver Peoples to design three beautiful unisex frames with the “Bond” closely resembling my first pair of prescription glasses.

Second, we set out to find the perfect manufacturer.  The reader market is flooded with cheap, substandard products.  Which is probably the reason that the CEO of the manufacturer we liked most told us they would not manufacturer readers.  After educating the CEO about the increasingly aging population and the high demand for quality, affordable, fashionable reader options, we “reframed the conversation” and convinced her to manufacturer their first reading glasses.  She agreed on one condition:  she would not risk her company’s reputation by manufacturing anything less than the best quality readers without cutting any corners. This was music to our ears (and eyes).

Anyone who has started a business likely remembers the moment they knew they were on a path to success. For us, that day was when we received our prototypes.  They were amazing.  No detail had been overlooked.  Our partners had kept their promises.  While it did cost more to use Italian spring hinges and prescription quality lenses, they were worth every penny. 

Third and finally, we were introduced to our first board member. Not only did he have incredible operations experience, having been the COO of the Gap, but for the last five years he had been the chairman of Luxury Optical Holdings, one of the largest eyewear retailers in the US.

As I look back on the last eighteen-months, it is clear that our journey so far has been one filled with extremely talented, interesting, people, mixed with a great deal of fun and hard work. Now, we would like to share our good fortunes with, you, our customers.